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Kitchen finished (almost)!

February 1, 2017

This is my country style kitchen.  The back splash was completed using contractor stakes that I stained different colors and finished off with clear polyurethane sealer.  The cabinet doors where my stoneware is displayed will eventually be stained glass as well as the little window by the stove.  My antique glass jars (and some not so antique) came in handy with storing flour, quinoa and other staples.  The bay window will be perfect for growing herbs.  My home is very small and very humble but I love it.  I still need to put in the baseboards and molding around the ceiling and I’ve installed the new light over the kitchen table since the photo was taken but it’s finished and functional!


Merry Christmas to all!

December 23, 2016


Merry Christmas everyone!  I should know by now that the best laid plans are usually a shot in the dark!  I had visions of standing in my own home, baking pies and dinner for family and friends this year.  Well, next year will be the year!  I don’t have my tile down and my stove and fridge cannot be moved into the house until the floor is down.  We are making progress, but progress is slow!  So, This is a picture of my tree from years past and next year I’ll be able to put up my actual tree and decorate my home for the holidays.  I’ll be cooking Christmas breakfast  Christmas morning for my older son and his family and having Christmas deserts with my younger son and his family on Christmas evening.  Life is good, I can’t complain.  I’m looking forward to a new year!  I wish everyone a safe, happy and stress-free 2017!

New Opportunities….

December 12, 2016


The Road Less Traveled by Robert Frost

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;….

This poem keeps going through my head. I had a job that was one of the most rewarding, most frustrating and the most stressful jobs ever. The 60 to 80 hours a week at this stressful job was affecting my health and after much soul-searching I made the difficult decision to resign. Within the hour I felt the stress physically leaving my body like a burden too long carried on my shoulders; I realized within two hours that my headache that had been my constant companion for weeks, was gone. I have spent the last week working on my house and planning yet I find myself staring off into space as I contemplate the possibilities for the future. It’s like a wide, open road and the choices are broad. What shall I do? I have opportunities yet I find myself wanting to take the road less traveled. I want to make sure that I choose a new job that does not mirror my last job, one that I will truly enjoy without all the heartache, the stress and the inhumane hours. For right now, just this month, I will take this time for myself and leave the decisions for 2017!

My Most Memorable Christmas

December 11, 2016

My favorite Christmas memory was the year I was eight. My father was an electrical engineer and his company had been on strike for months and months. I remember my mother mixing up powered milk for our cereal and the atmosphere in the house was one with tension and anxiety. It was not a good time for our family of six children. But, in the late fall the union settled with the company and all was well in the household. I remember walking into the living room on Christmas morning to a wondrous sight under and around the Christmas tree! Six beautiful, gleaming bikes and tricycles! I knew mine was the shiny purple Schwinn bike with ‘banana’seat and white streamers and I was beside myself with excitement. Our mother was distraught when we got dressed to go test out our new bikes rather than open our other gifts and wait for her special breakfast she planned to cook! I rode up and down the street in the freezing cold air. I was such a tomboy and all the ‘foofoo’ on the bike was not for me so my brother helped me remove the basket and fenders so I could ramp and pull wheelies easily. My older brother and I took our bikes over to a construction site to jump the small hills that were the mounds of dirt from their work. When we returned my father met me at the door and told me that my mother was upset I had destroyed my bike! What? No! I made it better! How is a girl to jump and ramp her bike, pull wheelies and such with a basket and fenders in the way? What? So, this particular Christmas turned out to be remembered as the best/worst Christmas as I experienced joy and disappointment within a matter of hours as we put the bike back together!bike.jpg

Life is hard…..

October 2, 2016

Life is so hard.  I used to say every project costs twice as much and takes three times as long to create….now I believe that is not true…it costs three times as much and takes four times longer to create.  I am at a very difficult time in my life.  I have a job that requires 60 to 80+ hours a week.  I have a small piece of land with an old, old, old house that my sons are I are gutting and rebuilding.  It’s difficult since we all work too many hours, plus they are building their own homes, with their own hands, themselves.  My goal was to move into my house by June and here is its already October with no soon move in date near.  It’s depressing.  I go to the house but don’t have the confidence and strength to complete the floor myself.  I decided to keep the kitchen cabinets and I redid the back splash this summer with contractor stakes stained different colors.  I like the look.  The kitchen floor and living room floors are completely finished and ready for tile almost; I say almost because the fridge I got is wider than the space so I ripped the front doorway coat closet to make the space wide enough for the fridge and now we need to build a small set of shelves in that area.   The hallway sub-floor is ripped up ready for new insulation and new flooring.  The bedroom floors need to be ripped up and the bathroom needs to be gutted from floor up.  Now the well house needs to be rebuilt.  I can envision it all completed but it just takes time…the precious commodity we don’t seem to have enough of right now in our lives.  So, I find myself exhausted and almost numb and unable to accomplish anything.  Sometimes I wonder if I’m just not pushing myself hard enough.  I worked at the house all day yesterday and felt satisfied with a full day of work but then I look at the house and see everything that needs to be completed it feels overwhelming.  It’s fall and with it brings the strong desire to quilt and knit.  I can envision myself sitting outside in a comfortable chair, cup of hot tea next to me while I knit and listen to the birds singing and watch the squirrels chase each other or gathering their nuts for the winter.  But, between reality and what I can envision is so very much work and so very little free time to make it happen.  I pray for the strength and courage to make it happen because in the end I know it will be worth all the stress and hard work.

Butterfly Quilt

August 14, 2016

Butterfly quilt1

This is a baby quilt I made for a co-worker who had a beautiful baby girl.


Harry Potter Baby Quilt

February 7, 2015


A coworker had a baby in December and she was decorating the nursery in Harry Potter Baby but the fabric is out of print. I saw a quilt like this on Pinterest and borrowed their idea for making the quilt. It is over sized and I wish I had taken better pictures. The back is covered in a medium blue with tiny black bats all over. It was a success, she loved the quilt.