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Knitting Obsessions

November 30, 2009

This is the beginning of a shawl called Girasole by Jared Flood. It’s fun and seems to be moving along quickly…of course….those outer rings will take forever but I’m enjoying this project! I’m using Micro Bamboo by Schachenmayr nomotta. I purchased 8 skeins of orange, one skein of peach and two skeins of yellow. My plan is to knit all but the two outer lacey edges from orange, then one lacey edge in peach and the final lacy edge in yellow. But, if I change my mind, I have enough orange to complete the shawl in a solid color. The hardest thing about working with this yarn is adding a new skein. I’m using the Russian method and it’s still hard to join. I’m also making this pattern with some of my Araucania Ranco yarn from my stash. I do believe that after I finish these shawls that my next shawl will be from a different pattern and I’m going to order a whole cone of Jaggerspun laceweight yarn so I won’t have as many joins!

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