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A book is a book is a book

January 18, 2010

Actually, I believe a book is an adventure! I love reading and I read any type of book except a biography….I have never enjoyed reading about other people’s lives. So….last night and today I finished a Robyn Carr’s book and started and finished another one today….Yes….I admit I spent the whole day reading! I haven’t done that in months and months…it reminds me of the lazy days of summer. We had some neighbors up the street in North Kansas City, MO. I do not know their real names but we called them Old Tom and Old Mary, and I don’t know why. They were old but why did we call them that? Anyway, their living room was wall to wall books and we could check out books with Old Mary. It was our only source for free books. The closest library was in North Town, several miles up the road, and you had to pay to be a member of the library. Can you imagine? We have unlimited choices now at the local county library.

Anyway, the books I finshed today by Carr are easy to read….not that thrilling…but I bought the books so I was determined to read them and pass them on to someone else. The book today was the third in the Virgin River series….not really my favorite type of book. It’s too bad we can’t all live in a ‘perfect wonderland’ like what is portrayed in her books.

Now…I’m ready for something more indepth…like a law series book or something. Hmmm…I just found a book on my shelf that I ordered and never read, it’s The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. I think I’ll start that one tonight. And, I still have the book by Diana Gabaldon called Drums of Autumn. Hmmm…I need to read a few pages of each and see which one catches my attention. I’m only doing this tonight because I have too much work to do tomorrow! So…I will stay up waaaayyyy too late reading tonight and finish enjoying my lazy day of reading!

One of my favorite sites is called Book of the Month Club 2: I love this site and get many of my books there….You pay only $9.95 per month and make a wish list and each month they mail you the top book on your list and charge you only $9.95 which includes shipping! I get new releases for that price. Not a bad deal. The problem is I go on the site, make a list and don’t want to wait so I click the “buy it now” buttom and have them sent right away! It’s a great deal. But, I also live within a block of Borders Books and two blocks from Barnes and Noble Bookstore….my weakness is books and you can tell when you enter my home. You immediately see two full bookshelves full of books. I have another one in the hallway, one in my bedroom and Uhhm….we won’t talk about the bins full of books in my storage closet! I just love books!

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  1. Sharon permalink
    January 29, 2010 11:50 pm

    AJ bought me a book called Cross Country Quilters. It’s part of a whole series of books. I enjoyed it. Then for Christmas he bought me one by TD Jakes called The Memory Quilt. I was getting a little grumpy and the book got me. ha. I was glad I read it. I shaped up my attitude.

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