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1964 The Tribute (to the Beatles) Concert

February 6, 2010

I was young when the Beatles were so popular so tonight when I attended this concert with my sister, Theresa, and my friend, Sarah, I was surprised that I remembered so many songs and actually knew the words to the songs. The tickets to this concert that was held at the University of Oklahoma, Caplett Center, were my prize for my winning chicken recipe on Magic 104.1 KMGL, OKC! What a great prize, what a great evening…..I didn’t want the evening to end. I can’t even remember the last time I attended an indoor concert….maybe it was Sawyer Brown at Lloyd Noble Center in Norman, OK about 15 years ago….wow, a long time ago! I had the pleasure of attending concerts all summer on the riverwalk in Wilmington, NC. And, of course we have the famous Jazz in June here in Norman. It’s blazing hot and no shade, but, you grab a lawn chair, grab a hat, pop the top to a cold beer and it’s tolerable until the sun goes down! Theresa, Sarah and I also attended a summer street musical festival where we heard several bands. The city shut down Main Street and we listened to several bands before we finally got hungry and left to go find a good air-conditioned restaurant!

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