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Lazy Weekends…..

March 8, 2010

I’ve been working with my beads again and it’s been fun. I discovered, to my horror, that when I moved five different bead holders did NOT hold the beads in place and they were getting mixed together so I’ve been slowly and painfully trying to transfer the beads from their current containers to a new system…shown in the picture. I LOVE the holders because you can see the colors at a glance! So far I have 11 of them filled with one more to go. I may have to stop organizing and actually make a bracelet tonight after work! Someday I hope to have enough space to actually set up my bead station desk again…oh such a luxury!

So….last night I made another run to Michaels for a few more of the bead holders and decideded to go to Barnes and Noble Bookstore. I looked at magazines and bead books and finally settled on this book. Yes…I know, it has nothing to do with beading…’s a fiction novel……but it caught my attention! So far I’m enjoying the book….nothing to jog the intelligence, but enjoyable!

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