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Newest bead project – Herringbone bracelet

March 14, 2010

This is my latest bead project I’m working on. It’s the herringbone stitch. I have a type A personality, I only say this so you will possibly understand why I’m upset with the way it’s turning out….it’s not perfectly symmetrical….things like this drive me crazy. I want everything perfect, balanced…yada yada yada. If you also have these traits you understand what I’m talking about…but I’ve ripped out and rebeaded too many times to mention…let me just say, I have too many hours in this bracelet to scrap the project…so I will finish it, imperfections and all.

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  1. notachalet permalink
    June 8, 2010 6:28 pm

    Well, of COURSE it isn’t symmetrical, you’re doing the fancy thing with the middle bit. The first one I ever made (I adore this bracelet) was perfectly straight, the middle row being cubes, and was I ever proud! I peered at the fancy versions online, like yours, but they look too complicated and of course, there is that bulging problem. I mess around with all size 15’s on either side of a size 8, or use all cubes, but you are brave to be doing the complex increases. Bravo, and it looks. just. fine. I think I might try out your idea after all, and hope it comes out as good as yours!

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