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A Purple Frog???

October 6, 2010

I am fighting the compulsive urge to buy yarn and cast on the Central Park Hoodie…instead I’m making myself pull out old projects and complete them first! Last week I went through my projects and found this one. This is Harriet from A Fine Fleece book. The photo above is shows the back completed. I’m knitting mine out of Cascade 220 in a dark purple grape color which is actually quite a bit darker than the photo is showing. When I pulled it out last week, I had already completed the back and one side so I cast on for the other side. I knit about 1/2 of the second side and began comparing it to the first side when I realized I had made a pattern error about 1/3 of the way up on the first side! And….it was one of those mistakes that HAD to be fixed so….I ripped it back to the mistake and just grabbed a circular needle to put in it as a place holder. Well….between going to make a pot of coffee and finding a movie to watch…somewhere I completely messed up and grabbed the side I’d ripped down and began knitting. I knit it up and cast off….only THEN did I realize I’d knit it with the place holder needle that was two sizes too small and it was totally evident! How could I have made such a HUGE mistake! The difference in gauge was very obvious! All I can say is it must have been a really good movie! So….rippit, rippit, rippit! Then, last Sunday I finished the newest cast-on side on the correct size needles and now…I’m back to the side that’s been ripped several times. It’s really an easy pattern…easy graph to follow…no excuses for all the mistakes! I think maybe I should rename this sweater PURPLE FROG!!!!!

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