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Pumpkins Table Cover

October 11, 2010

What do you do when you have so much work to do that you can’t even think of where to begin and it involves a book study that I can’t seem to concentrate on even when the house is totally quiet? I play! Yes…I know….totally irresponsible but so much more fun! I made this table covering this weekend. I also knit on my purple socks, looked through quilt magazines and books, and knit on my purple sweater. I did actually manage to clean my home, do my laundry, cook a huge pot of beef vegetable stew with cornbread and run my errands. But…now it’s Sunday evening and I still have my reports to write and a book study staring me in the face (maybe I should hide the book under my bed so I won’t see it….hey, it worked as a kid!)

Pumpkin Table Cover

Detail of a pumpkin

Center Block with detail of embroidered pumpkin.

This was a challenge on one of my Yahoo Groups this month. It was actually a paper pieced pattern for a table runner but because my table is only 24″ square I converted the pattern to make a square table covering. I doubled the size of the paper pieced pumpkins and set them on point. The center block has a pumpkin embroidered in the quilting. It turned out great.

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  1. October 11, 2010 4:19 pm

    Very cute! 🙂

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