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Moved! In but not completely unpacked!

January 8, 2011

It’s Saturday morning and I’m just sitting here in my robe and looking at the boxes in my sewing room! I’m exhausted! I have moved into my new place and most of the boxes are unpacked but I’m exhausted. I have two lawn chairs and a rocker in my living room. Why? Because the new furniture I purchased two years ago was uncomfortable so I gave it to my son. I’ve visited almost every furniture store in Oklahoma City and Norman and cannot find the style (or fabric) I prefer in a sofa! So….I’m not giving in and settling for anything less than what I want and I’ll live with lawn chairs until I find the perfect sofa and chair!

I did go shopping last night and found the perfect set of silverware by Mikasa and I LOVE it! I also found a new gravy boat and new serving bowls but alas….no sofa!

If you have ever browsed through a Country Sampler magazine you know the style sofa I’m looking for to use in my living room. It has a camel back, navy and cream or red plaid, low arms…yada yada yada! I also want a comfortable, low-arm chair in a red or yellow flowered print. I have actually resorted to browsing the used furniture stores because I know I could recover a sofa or chair if I could just find the right style that has a well-built frame. But…for now, I guess I’ll enjoy the new silverware and be satisfied because quite honestly I’m too tired to shop today!

I hope to get my sewing room organized enough today to make a new pair of OU curtains for my son for his backdoor window. And….I would love to work on a quilt but I do not know if I have the energy for heavy sewing today. I have been working on my new shawl…it’s a simple pattern and the name is something like Citrus…?

I’m looking out my sewing room window and the sky is clear and the morning looks beautiful but I know the beauty hides the fact that it’s cold….like 20 degrees! But, I’m seriously thinking of bundling up and taking a long walk to regenerate my body! Maybe it will motivate me to get moving and not waste the day sitting around yawning!

Hopefully I’ll get organized and back into the swing of my routine and actually post some pictures before long.

Hope everyone is having a great new year!

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