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The Abner Ale House

June 13, 2011

The Abner Ale House

The Abner Ale House…or better known in these parts as McNellie’s Pub. While I was on the phone with the bank….yes, again….over the fraud charges….I missed a call. When I hung up with the bank I returned the call and it was one of my best friends ever…Sarah! She was in Norman and wanted to have lunch. Yeah…just what I truly needed…a break and lunch with one of the best friends a girl could ever have in life. She chose The Abner Ale House or as I said earlier…better known as McNellie’s! They have the best food ever…good drinks…good atmosphere and it’s just plain fun! We started with iced water and Artichoke dip with pita bread. I could make a meal of appetizer alone! It’s served hot with some type of crunchy/crumbly cheesy topping and pita wedges. Ymmmm. That was followed with their hamburgers with jalepano cheese and pub fries (Sarah had the sweet potato fries). I really appreciated the break from sewing and dealing with the reality that when some low-life steals your wallet….they not only steal money but peace of mind and time that just seems to go on and on and on. Sarah’s timing couldn’t have been better! The only thing that would have made this outing better is if my sister had been able to join us but she had to work so I brought her some artichoke dip home for later!

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