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Road trip up Route 66 in Oklahoma

June 20, 2011

Round Barn in Arcadia, OK

Goodbye Red Barn!

Seaba Station (now an antique store) in Warwick, OK

Log Cabin Quilt Shop!

From the loft where the flannels are kept!

By the front door…picked up some really cute antique sewing machine fabric!

Looking towards the back room!

My sister and I made a road trip up old Route 66 Saturday. We stopped at antique stores and quilt shops as we meandered up the highway! I love traveling the back roads. Our first stop was a flea market in Bristow, OK. The greatest shop there was called Grandma’s or something like that. But…don’t let the location deceive you, it was a gift shop AND quilt shop combined. I bought some John Deere fabric, apple print fabric (60″ wide) for a table cloth and hot pads and trim on towels, and I purchase several cuts of fabrics for my Farmer’s Wife Quilt! Excellent prices and for such a small shop she really had a good selection!

We stopped at a few small town antique shops and really great farmer’s market just south of Tulsa. Our end point was a quilt shop outside of Bixby, OK called The Log Cabin Quilt Shop. I purchased some elk panel fabrics to make my brother a quilt, some antique sewing machine print fabric for “I don’t know what!” but I liked it, a remanent for my Farmer’s Wife Quilt, some soup mix for Broccoli Cheddar soup and a half price book called the Dear Jane Quilt! Quite a few good buys. I loved the atmosphere of the shop! We then headed back towards Tulsa where we stopped at a small diner called Apple Barrell….home cooked meals. It was okay…not the best flavored food but by then we were tired and hungry. We stopped in a few more small towns on the way home and to shop for antiques and see the sights. We returned home going south on Hwy75 until we hit I40. Long, fun day!

2 Comments leave one →
  1. June 20, 2011 6:33 pm

    Sounds like a fun day! 😀

  2. July 1, 2011 12:34 pm

    I like the tour which Your photos offered to me. I guess that my wife would have been visited in that nice log cabin quilt shop.

    BTW, after one week I’ll post a new quilt post. See You next Friday!

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