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July 20, 2011

With 29 days of excessively hot weather my garden is beyond being able to recover from the hail storm that ripped my beautiful plants to shreads. I kept taking care of the garden, giving it Miracle Grow and water but now the heat is doing major damage. We are on water rationing so it seems impossible to give the garden as much water as it needs so I’m giving up! The plants have all but dried up! So…I’ll be making more trips to the farmer’s market in this county than ever before!

I’m still waiting for my quilting machine to be re-shipped! I’ve been working on quilts all summer long. Now, I’m working on a new dress for my great niece and work clothes for myself AND I’m still working on quilts. My goal is to get enough quilts made so that my sisters can each choose a quilt for their home. I’ve already chose which quilts will go to my brothers, my older brother wants an elk quilt so I found an elk panel fabric at The Log Cabin Quilt Shop up by Bixby, OK (or was it Leonard, OK?) I’m making a red, white and blue quilt for my younger brother. But….quilting time will be short as I work full time and I’m returning to school (OU-Yeah Sooners) to work on a Master’s Degree in Library Science. Hmmm….I wonder how much sleep I would need to survive before I get too run down?????

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