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Wish I was here…..

August 15, 2011

Amazing beaches at Emerald Isle

Beautiful Beaches on Emerald Isle

I can imagine walking in the sand with the summer breeze off the ocean at Emerald Isle

This is Emerald Isle, NC….north of Jacksonville, NC….such a beautiful beach! I miss living by the beach. There is something very theraputic about sitting on a beach and just chillin’. I lived outside of Wilmington, NC and Emerald Isle was a short drive up the coast. With the extremely hot and dry weather in Oklahoma this summer I’m wishing I had planned a trip back east. I guess by looking through all the images on Google and the internet travel sites I’m trying to decide whether to plan a trip next year to the east coast or to the west coast. I love the beaches in North Carolina and Myrtle Beach is always fun but I also love Laguna Beach, CA and Lake Tahoe. If I go west, there seems to be more variety with the mountain climbing, Lake Tahoe, and the ocean at Laguna Beach….hmmm…so much to dream about!

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  1. August 18, 2011 5:08 pm

    I love the beach too. You’re right…there’s something therapeutic about it. I always breath a big, deep breath of “ahhhhh…” whenever I go to the beach. It’s almost magical and makes me feel so good, refreshed, peaceful, inspired… It’s a big reason that I think I could never live in a state that doesn’t touch the ocean. I just have to go there sometimes. 🙂 The pictures you posted are beautiful. I’d love to visit the east coast sometime. Oh…and…yes…Lake Tahoe…another awesome place! The water and mountains there are so beautiful!

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