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Eichen’s Bar….Oklahoma Legend

August 28, 2011

Eichen’s Bar in Okarche, Oklahoma

The history is written on the table

The menu…short and simple

The food…served in disposable ‘dishes’ with sheets of waxed paper as ‘plates’

Yesterday my sister and I made a trip to Hennessey, OK to our favorite quilt shop, Prairie Quilts. The shop had demonstrations for new rulers and gadgets and at 1:00pm Santa showed up and handed out gift bags. On the way home we finally stopped at the famous Eichen’s Bar in Okarche. Friends and co-workers were amazed that I’d never been to this famous, legendary place! So, I decided it was time to stop and see what all the hype was about! If you don’t know much about Oklahoma, Okarche is a small town that sits north of El Reno and I-40….kind of in the middle rural farming country. The outside of the restaurant is not very impressive, it almost looks like an old grocery store from the southeast corner. The entrance is on the east side of the building. We were greeted by a “Seat yourself sign….no plastic accepted….ATM is around the corner at 1st Bank”. Well, that is unusual in our day of card-carrying debit cards! A double-check in the wallets ensured us that we were good to go on cash! We looked around in the three rooms for a table, the place was quite busy but plenty of seats still available and we noticed there were games and pool tables throughout the place. There was a large wrap-around bar and a smaller bar in the last room we ventured into and found a place to sit. The tables are long…to accomodate eight or more people so we felt guilty taking up a large table for just the two of us. We glanced around and found the menu posted on the sides of the napkin holders and in two places on the wall. The menu is short: A whole fried chicken $12.00, a barbecue sandwich $6.00 or a roast beef sandwich $6.00, fried okra $6.00, the menu also included homemade chili and nachos. When my sister asked for iced tea the waiter smiled and said they didn’t serve iced tea and he pointed to the menu on the wall that listed the drinks; Soda pop, beer and wine coolers. We chose a whole fried chicken, okra and a couple of Shiner’s. I asked if they had fries and he smiled, pointed to the menu and said, “No”. The menu is short and sweet…if it’s not on the menu..don’t ask. The food came out hot and fresh! The waiter also brought out sweet pickles, regular pickles and sliced onions with another basket of sliced white bread. I laughed when my sister said, “This is not exactly heart-healthy food.” But, when we bit into our first pieces of chicken I don’t think we even thought about “healthy” or “unhealthy”…all we could think about was how great everything tasted! So…if you are ever heading down I40 and see the exit sign for El Reno/Highway 81….take it! Eichen’s is a short detour drive through El Reno and straight up an old country highway called 81 to a small town called Okarche. When you get to the light in the downtown part, take a right and it sits just south of the bank on the next corner! Eichen’s Bar….an Oklahoma Legend.

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  1. August 29, 2011 4:03 pm

    Looks like yummy fun! 🙂

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