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Shadow Trapunto Quilting with glitter!

June 24, 2012

Lighter picture taken outside…hopefully to show off the sparkly organza used.

Close up picture of trapunto butterfly.

Picture of wallhanging with trapunto work.

This is the first time I’ve tried this type of Trapunto work. I purchased a book called Shadow Trapunto Quilts by Geta Grama and just had to try out this method. I’ve done shadow work with my heirloom sewing but I’ve never done it in quilting before so I was eager to try out this method. The method involves drawing a design on paper (or printing out a design from the cd included with the book), layering the paper over a piece of organza and a thick batting. The directions call for using water soluable thread, which I was unable to find in my home town, so I used clear nylon thread to sew on the lines (on the design drawn on paper). When finished, use scissors to very (extremely) carefully trim away the excess batting. When finished, layer this over a thick layer of batting with a backing and quilt! Bind. If you used water soluable thread, you will wet the project at this time to remove the thread.

I thought the project turned out pretty cute for my first attempt. What I did not like was the amount of time it took to cut away the excess batting around the designs. So…while I’m sitting there, using blunt tip scissors while I spent a veryyyy longggg time cutting away the extra batting I began to try to figure out an easier method more efficient method for making this type of design. I began to think of my wool felt and wondered why I couldn’t cut out the wool felt and position it in place on the back side of the organza (or other sheer material) using a temporary, water soluable, spray adhesive. I’ll have to try that next time! The advantage to using the felt is the wide variety of colors available. I can just see a pillow made with a black background and bright, intense colors of wool felt as the trapunto design.

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