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Road Trip to Hennessee, Oklahoma

September 23, 2012

Prairie Quilts

Prairie Quilts

It’s funny how as you age you don’t worry about the birthday hoopla. I believe there is always a part of me that hopes someone, anyone, will remember…guess it’s the little child inside of me. Well, this year was one of the best birthday’s I’ve ever had! My staff had a luncheon for me, a great card and a really awesome gift! Then, after work my oldest son and daughter-in-law showered me with more awesome gifts, cinnamon rolls from the State Fair and a great bottle of Red Muscadine wine! After the gift exchanges, they have September birthdays also, they treated me to dinner at McNellie’s in Norman. Great meal, great conversation, great birthday! Then yesterday my sister gave me a fantastic birthday gift and part of the gift was a road trip to Hennessee, Oklahoma to Priaire Quilts! I was late getting out of town as my younger son and I had plans to go to breakfast but he got sick and was unable to go to breakfast so I wished him a get-well, offered him medication, promised him we’d set another time and I headed over to my sister’s house. I love the drive to Hennessee, through farm lands with wind mills and oil rigs dotting the skyline. My sister works for an oil supply company so she loves to point out the rigs that her company services. Well, we arrived in Hennessee and I’m always a bit suprised at the amount of traffic for such a small farming town. We parked and walked inside to discover that Rhanda, the owner, had re-arragned the store. I had a general idea that I wanted to make a new table runner for my coffee table but I could not find exactly what I wanted so I began to look for a background batik fabric for a new quilt, but again, I could not find exactly what I wanted. I began to look beyond the batik section but everytime I found a bolt that was ‘just perfect’ there was not enough yardage on the bolt! So sad. So, I began to look at fabric for another quilt but again, could not find exactly what I wanted and if you have ever been to Prairie Quilts you would know that it’s extremely difficult to NOT find the perfect fabric. Rhanda has such a great variety of fabric in three rooms downstairs and two huge rooms upstairs! The photo above only shows one room. In the meantime my sister, who found her purchases within the first 30 minutes and was waiting patiently received a call from her daughter. We were invited to a barbaque at 4pm back in Norman, Oklahoma! Oh…the pressure…look faster…look harder! I finally decided on a large rose stencil template to make a pillow, could not find the fabric for it so I began pulling batik fabrics (batik fabric is my most favorite fabric) to supplement my batik stash for my new quilt. I found eight bolts of batiks that I didn’t have and just purchased a quarter yard of each. Hurry, hurry, hurry, pay so we won’t miss the barbaque! We were making great time until we hit heavy traffic on I40 east by the I44 Dallas junction! A flat bed semi was jack-knifed at the edge of the road AND we ran into the State Fair Traffic! We made it to my niece’s house at 4:20…not too late considering the traffic. My nephew (in-law) had smoked ribs, polish sausages and made a vegetable medley that was cooked on the grill. It was delicious! The medley had potatoes, bell peppers, onions, carrots, jalepano’s, yellow squash and zucchini. What a wonderful birthday!

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