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Signature Needles

November 24, 2012

My knitting friends are great….most of the time….but also a bad influence on others.  I say this because I keep watching them knit with their Signature knitting needles and each time I see a set I become more and more envious and even begin to justify why I should buy these ‘Cadillac’ needles for myself.  It’s easy to justify…I didn’t take a vacation this year….I don’t spend money on other luxuries….I work hard….knitting is my passion, etc.  You get the idea?  So I have decided I should stay home and stay off my computer because this has been an expensive few days.  This morning I read an email from Signature needles about their contest AND free shipping!  What’s a girl to do?  So, I decided to browse their site and ended up buying not one, but four sets of needles.  I’m trying to justify it as a ‘to me, from me” Christmas gift.  Now….I wonder how long it will take for the needles to get here?  Of course, I ordered too soon because as soon as I placed the order I went back to look around the site more and found the tubes to hold the double point needles…hmmm…I really, really want some of those tubes but I don’t NEED them…please help me stay away from that site!

Yesterday I had lunch with my sister at the Olive Garden and then we did some shopping, something I vowed to never again experience on Black Friday.  I was doing very well and after four stores I had spent exactly $0.00.  But, then we went to Sam’s Club where I promptly spent $200.00 on a new Keurig coffee pot with a metal drawer underneath to hold the coffee/tea pods and a huge box of Foldgers coffee pods.  I had a perfectly good coffee pot so what possessed me to spend money on a new one?  Well, I’ll tell you, it was my sister.  That’s it!  She’s a bad influence on me just like my knitting friends.  I refuse to take responsibility of my own actions just yet….let me get these items paid off and then I won’t feel so guilty.  In the mean time, as soon as my needles come, I will spend my evenings sipping expensive, quality tea and coffee while knitting away with my luxury needles….probably watching a recorded show of NCIS.  I can’t imagine a better evening spent than knitting on luxury needles, with expensive tea and Mark Harmon!    Now….where is that mailman?

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  1. November 24, 2012 3:57 pm

    It’s good to treat yourself with wonderful things from time to time. And, it sounds like your two big purchases work well together. Your upcoming evenings of good tea/coffee and knitting sound wonderful. I’ve never heard of those needles and I’m not sure if any of my knit friends have them. I think I’ll resist visiting the website. 😉

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