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November 23, 2013
Double sided suede fabric

Double sided suede fabric

Cutting out the mittens

Cutting out the mittens

Finished mitten

Finished Mitten view 2

Last night when I left work I spent about ten minutes scraping ice off my car windows and my fingers were frozen! I had a cheap pair of gloves in the car that did little to protect my fingers and I decided this morning when I looked out at the ice covering everything from leaves to the fence that I needed warmer mittens. I began searching through knitting patterns and found several but then thought about sewing a pair after seeing the cutest pair of quilted mittens. So, I shifted gears and began searching for sewing patterns for mittens. I found several free downloadable patterns but remembered I had a mitten pattern from Hancock’s Fabric Store and five minutes later I had the pattern in hand. Than I noticed the double sided suede fabric that I had purchased sometime in the past to make pillows and thought they would make a very warm pair of mittens quickly. I traced the pattern, cut out the mittens and sewed them together and the whole process took approximately 30 minutes! They do feel extremely warm but the real test will be outside in the elements! My younger came over and I showed him the mittens and he asked if I could make him a pair so my goal this weekend is to make another pair of mittens for him to keep in his truck.

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  1. November 30, 2013 11:53 am

    I love Your mittens! My fingers are freezing at all times, therefore, what is the number of warm gloves.

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