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A new Quilt project

March 21, 2014

Dragon Star Quilt pattern

The picture above is the Dragon Star Quilt Pattern by Judy Niemeyer of Quiltworx. I love her patterns and have always wanted to try one so this week I began the process. My colors are all blues and greens and I hope it turns out just as great as the one pictured above. I’m using only batiks in my quilt. I spent hours, probably close to 10 hours, pulling batiks from my stash, going to the store to spend another hour picking out more batiks and then back home again pulling out more batiks from my stash trying to get the right blend and contrast as well as value, tone, etc. I think at this point only the final product will show if I am successful. Finally, I was ready to sew! NO! I spent several hours cutting out all the pattern pieces, putting them into numbered baggies and making copies of the extra pieces I would need on my extremely s l o w home printer! Finally I was ready to sew the first pieces. This is a paper-pieced quilt so it will be time consuming but perfect. It was already 7pm last night and I know better than to sew when I’m tired because then I make mistakes….and I hate ripping! So, I sat down to watch some tv but kept looking over at that little black featherweight and I just had to get up and try out the first two colors. Well, the very center of the star has 8 pieced sections. I sewed one, perfect! I sewed two, two mistakes. UGGGG… I finished the second one and made the intelligent decision to put it aside until the next day! So, today is sewing day but first I must venture out into the world and go to the grocery store and the post office before I allow myself to sew because I know that once I sit down the day will fly by and I still won’t have groceries!

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